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Endogenous :
Found or coming from within something, for example a system or a person’s body or mind ( Cambridge Dictionary )

You dont need to find a virus, just select some proteins from the culture and patent a test kit. So then you will be able to declare that you found the cause . After that, just prescribe meds that will produce the same illness you want to treat, so you make sure that your illness will still be in the news.


Season1 : HIV The AZT Genocide – No need to isolate a virus –
AZT, the DNA Terminator, was not approved for Cancer. Then it was fast tracked to use it in AIDS. AZT was found to be immunosuppressive, “makes AIDS by prescription”.
The HTLV retrovirus theory of cancer didnt work out, so it was tried again this time for the AIDS business.

Season2 : HPV The Vaccine Genocide – The first vaccine to use genetically engineered virus‐like particles –
HPV Vaccine is link to Nervous System Disorder and Autoimmunity.
The vaccine business didnt work for the so called HIV so it was then fast track to the HPV Industry.

A 2008 Nobel Prize was bought by the pharma industry and was share for both “1984 researchers” just in time to promote the forced vaccine campaign.


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