Alfred Hässig:
“…In your opinion where were the gravest mistakes made in the handling of AIDS?
Dr Gallo himself described his mistakes best in great detail in his book The Virus Hunters. He falsely interpreted the cell envelope structure actin, containing glycoproteins like p40, gp120 and gp160, as exclusively foreign to the body, or exogenous, and thus due to retroviral infection. Even though it is, as had been demonstrated earlier, endogenous and existent in all of us to a certain extent. This false assessment led to the deadly treatment with virucides like AZT. That AZT actually was an already failed cancer drug highlights the helplessness and lack of overview with which this virological cancer researcher approached AIDS from the start.
How do you summarise your insights?
Because the falsely interpreted “anti-HIV-antibodies” are not a defence mechanism against an infectious agent, a virus, but are autoimmune antibodies, all AIDS research at present and the resulting treatments are totally wrong. In earlier work I have described why a new retrovirus is not needed to explain the clinical picture called AIDS.

From Interview Alfred Hässig


Etienne de Harven:
“… In 1983, at the Institut Pasteur, Montagnier did mix his cell cultures with T-cells coming from umbilical cord blood, therefore PLACENTAL cells, most probably full of HERVs. That easily explains why they actually saw a lot of real retroviruses in their samples, but those viruses — the one they could readily examine — had strictly nothing to do with the AIDS patient they were examining using those very cell cultures. (Additionally, Montagnier reports, in another paper, that their experiments wouldn’t have worked if the T-cells they were mixing with their culture were not of placental origin.)
Another point: the AIDS patients’ so-called viral load:
Firstly, no one could ever see a single retrovirus in AIDS patients’ blood, even in those patients who were said to have a “high viral load”! Very strange, isn’t it?
But we all have DNA in our circulating blood. And, as I pointed out above, 8% of our DNA is identical to the retroviruses’ genome! Bingo! This is what they’re detecting with this intelligent PCR method which was invented by Nobel Prize laureate Kary Mullis! This is what they wrongly interpret as retroviral “molecular markers,” which are totally invisible, as already stated above.
In short, all so-called HIV research has been heavily distorted by the stubborn ignorance of the HIV/AIDS orthodoxy’s researchers, who still refuse to admit that HERVs have pathetically distorted the interpretation of their results.

From Etienne de Harven