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HPV Vaccine: Cancer Repackaged As An STD

Here’s the short version of how the HPV supposedly causes cancer of the cervix, according to Merck scientists.
First of all, in any cancer, we’re talking about a normal cell that mutated and then began to make copies of itself, unchecked.
The creators of the HPV/ cancer myth are pretending that the HPV came along and attacked some normal cells and mutated those cells and caused them to begin
replicating themselves out of control cancer. And that this is happening on a mass scale even though we just discovered it. And worse, that a vaccine can
neutralize that type of attack on normal cervix cells.
Any scientist not on the payroll of Merck will see the problem with this new ‘hit-and-run’ theory right off the bat. The simple fact is that viruses don’t replicate
in cancer cells. [Duesberg, 3]. Before this marketing campaign for HPV vaccine, no virus was ever claimed as carcinogenic.
But it gets even worse than that. The HPV vaccine doesn’t even contain HPV! True. Just some particles. Look it up. [1, 2] …
…In today’s version of E.L. Bernays journalism [7], new life can be injected into virtually any story by framing it in one of the Holy Trinity issues. If the
underlying facts are unclear, boring, or just inconveniently true, no problem – we can forget about those details. We’ll just hide the underlying story and make it
about sex or blood or racism. Now it pops. Better yet, we buried the lead. Framing the issue is everything; substance is a passing myth.
For HPV, they chose Sex. Obscure the main facts of the issue, which are:
– HPV virus has never been proven as the cause of any disease
– HPV virus has never been proven as the cause of cancer of the cervix
– HPV vaccine has never been proven to have the slightest effect on any cancer at all
– By no stretch of the imagination can cancer of the cervix be regarded as an STD
Let’s ignore these worrisome facts and bury them behind an emotional smokescreen under Sexually Transmitted Diseases.