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Season1 : HIV The AZT Genocide – No need to isolate a virus –
AZT, the DNA Terminator, was not approved for Cancer. Then it was fast tracked to use it in AIDS.
AZT was found to be immunosuppressive, “makes AIDS by prescription”.
The HTLV retrovirus theory of cancer didnt work out, so it was tried again this time for the AIDS business.


From Henry Bauer :


3.1“HIV tests” have never been shown to detect “HIV”, namely an exogenous retrovirus 111,112,113,114,115,116. Therefore the term HIV denotes only whatever it is that produces a positive HIV test, and this should be indicated by always writing “HIV” or F(HIV) chapter 9 in 5 or something similar.

3.1.1That a retrovirus could be found in AIDS patients had been inferred from the presence of reverse transcriptase 117,p. 1259 in 118, an enzyme used by retroviruses to infiltrate the DNA genomes of the cells they invade. But reverse transcriptase turned out to be present in all mammalian cells and is not a valid marker for the presence of “HIV” 119 or any other retrovirus.

3.1.2The mistaken claim to have found a retrovirus in AIDS patients became a claim, announced at a press conference 120, that it was the probable 121,122,123 cause of AIDS, discovered by Robert Gallo. The articles later published by Gallo 49,124,125,126 did not establish that claim (see section 1.2.1).

3.1.3“HIV” tests have never been validated against a gold standard 127,910, namely, authentic pure virions (virus particles). virions of “HIV” have never been isolated from an AIDS-1 patient nor from an “HIV-positive” individual 50,111,128,129,130,131.“Isolation of HIV” in the mainstream HIV/AIDS literature does not carry the usual meaning of isolation, namely, separating out and purifying; instead, the so-called “isolation” of HIV involves a complex culturing technique without subsequent purification; it amounts to a self-fulfilling prophecy 132. only published electron micrographs of “isolated” “HIV” show a motley mixture of particles and debris that may not even include any retrovirus particles pp. 127-9 in 119,129,133. reward of $100,000 for an electron micrograph of isolated pure HIV virions was offered in 2002 and has never been claimed 134. has acknowledged that his laboratory never isolated pure HIV 135,136,137. acknowledged that his laboratory had not isolated HIV; he even claimed that copious production of HIV in culture was superior to isolation and purification and that it had made purification unnecessary pp. 1257-8 in 118. “HIV”, a “molecular clone”, contained only between 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 10 million actually infective virions and they were unstable, self-destructing quickly 138. sources make available “HIV-1 isolates”. These should not be confused with authentic pure HIV particles (virions), which have never been prepared. The National Institutes of Health list 901 an “International panel of 60 HIV-1 isolates”. Penn Center for AIDS Research lists 11 “Prototype HIV-1 Strains” 902 and 66 “Primary HIV-1 isolates” 903 as well as 9 “HIV-1 mutant viruses” 904. This variety already suggests that there is really no such thing as an “HIV virus”. These so-called “HIV-1 isolates” are mixtures of a variety of different particles (vesicles) and different substances misinterpreted as “rapidly evolving quasispecies [of HIV]” 905 or “a complex mixture, or swarm, of mutant virus variants” 906.

3.1.4“Validation” of “HIV” tests is a self-fulfilling tautology 139,140,141.

3.1.5The instructions in test kits acknowledge that the tests are not approved for detecting infection 142,143.

3.1.6The first “HIV” test — “ELISA” (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) — detects antibodies 144,145 that are presumed to characterize “HIV” proteins, but these and later tests react “positive” to many kinds of antibodies, other proteins, or bits of RNA or DNA. “HIV” tests are not specific, see section 3.2. the tests detect active virus infections came to be believed without the benefit of evidence 146. belief, that detection of antibodies demonstrates presence of active virus, is an unprecedented and unwarranted inference: antibodies indicate earlier exposure, not infection, and in absence of manifest symptoms of illness antibodies are regarded — except only with HIV — as a priori evidence of established immunity to the respective infection.

3.1.7Measurement by PCR of so-called “viral load” (the purported amount of HIV particles in “HIV-positive” individuals) has been criticized as inherently invalid by the inventor of PCR, Nobelist Kary Mullis 147.“Viral load” measurements may not be specific to the presumed “HIV” genome 148.“Viral load” measurements yield appreciable numbers of false negatives 149.“Viral load” measurements yield appreciable numbers of false positives 149,150.“Viral load” measurements suffer from poor reproducibility 149,151,152.“Viral load” is not a marker for risk of death or progression to disease 153,154,155.“Viral load” does not measure amount of virus, since virus could not be cultured from some people with significant “viral loads” 156,157.“Viral” genes can be found in “HIV-negative” individuals 158,159,160,161.

3.1.8There are no valid “confirmatory” tests. Although Western Blot is routinely referred to in that way, its criteria have never been standardized or validated 127,162,163,164 and it is itself also liable to false positives 165.

3.1.9The initial “HIV” test was based on blood drawn from gay men who were manifestly ill “with AIDS”. No surprise, then, that a wide range of illnesses or degrees of ill health conduce to testing “HIV-positive”: for example, TB patients and drug addicts are as likely to test “HIV-positive” as are gay men, who were the very first purported “risk” group for “AIDS” 166.

3.2False-positive “HIV” tests are common 165,167,168,169,170,171,172,173. For consequent misinterpretations and their consequences, see sections 4.3 & 6.1 respectively.

3.2.1Rates of false-positive “HIV” test-results depend on the prevalence of positive-testing substances in the tested population. At the prevalence of “HIV-positive” (<1%) typical in populations outside southern Africa, the rate of false positives is likely to be quite high 127.

3.2.2Dozens of physiological conditions — normal, in disease, or owing to medical treatment — conduce to false-positive “HIV” tests 110,145,175,176,177,178,179 — possibly because “HIV-positive” correlates with oxidative stress 180,181,182,183,184,185,186 (more about oxidative stress in sections,,,,, Diseases and antibodies to many stimuli 187,188,189,190,191,192,193,194,195,196,197,198,199,200,201; anti-carbohydrate antibodies 178,202,203; anti-collagen 204; anti- lymphocyte 204,205; anti-phospholipid (“sticky blood”) 80,206; HLA antibodies 178,179,187,188,189,197,207,208,209,210; mother’s antibodies transferred to babies 211; normally occurring antibodies 203,212,213; antibodies to components of test kits 196,214; lupus 215,216. that are not infectious: Cancers (cervical cancer 217,218); cardiovascular, atherosclerosis 219,220; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 221; cutaneous T-cell lymphoma 232; cystic fibrosis 222,231; diabetes 197; hemophilia 187,188,913; kidney failure and dialysis treatment 178,179,187,188,205,216,223,224,225,226,227,228; leprosy 229,230; multiple myeloma 187,189,210; multiple sclerosis 231,232; periodontal disease233; rheumatoid arthritis 238; genital inflammation 919,920. and toxins: Aflatoxin 234; cytomegalovirus infection 235; Epstein-Barr virus 236,237; flu (and flu vaccination) 178,189,238,239,240,241,242,243,244,245,250; hepatitis 179,187,188,210,225,246,247,248; herpes 249,250,251,252,253,254,255,256,258; HTLV p. 248 in 257; malaria 258,259,260,261,262,263,264,265,274,266; Mycobacterium avium 230; paramyxovirus 199; schistosoma 267; syphilis 179,187,188,197,268,269,287,320; Trichomonas vaginalis parasites 270,271; Trypanosoma parasites (Chagas disease) 272,273,274; tuberculosis 230,258,275,276; visceral leishmaniasis 277,278. procedures: Blood transfusion 178,188,189,209,24,238,279; globulins, in sick people or given as prophylaxis 110,178,189,262,280,281,282.283,284,285,286,287; hormonal contraception 288,289,290; organ transplants 178,179,205,238,291,292,293. conditions, not unhealthy: Pregnancy Fig. 22 p. 83 in 5,178,189,210,238,294,295,296,297,298,299,300,301,302,303,304,305,874; receptive anal sex 111. components of human cells: HIV-like genetic sequences occur in HIV-negative human genomes 306,307,308 and can generate immune responses to “HIV” proteins 309,310,311; supposedly “HIV” proteins occur normally in many human cells 178,179,172,313,111,315; normal human extravillous trophoblast cells express “HIV-1” antigens 316.“Recreational” drugs: 231 Alcohol 317; cocaine 317; crack cocaine 317,318; crystal meth 319; methamphetamine 320. Experimental HIV vaccines 321; flu 322 (also see above under infections); globulins (also see above under medical procedures); hepatitis B vaccination 189,323,324; rabies 190; rubella 325; tetanus 326,327,328. is very non-specific. “HIV-positive” is often associated with fever 874.

3.2.3False positives are especially common in emergency rooms since the probability of a positive “HIV” test increases with degree of ill-health Fig. 22, p. 83 in 5, and associated text. Cincinnati with a population “HIV-positive” rate of 1.7 (per 100,000), the emergency-room rate was 7.8 329. 9 of 26 “HIV-positive” test results in an emergency room were positive on a later test 329.

3.3HIV — rather “HIV-positive” — has never been shown to be infectious or transmissible.

3.3.1Prospective studies to detect sexual transmission of “HIV” seropositivity have not observed transmission 330,331. Africa, more than two thirds of couples are serodiscordant: one is “HIV-positive”, the other is not page 118 in 875.

3.3.2The often-cited rates of transmission are calculated by making unprovable assumptions, including about when individuals became “HIV-positive” 330.

3.3.3The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention report the probability of transmitting HIV from female to male by vaginal intercourse as 4 in 10,000; from male to female, 8 per 10,000; by receptive anal intercourse, 138 in 10,000; by insertive anal intercourse, 11 in 10,000. Those numbers are far too low to bring about any sort of epidemic; (see section 3.3.12). With genuinely sexually transmitted diseases — gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes — the probability of transmission is hundreds of times greater 918.

3.3.4Mother-to-child transmission has not been shown to occur. transferred are substances that produce positive “HIV” tests, in particular “HIV” antibodies. Those dissipate within a year and “HIV-positive” babies then revert to “HIV”- negative without medication Fig. 2 and Tables 25-27 in 5,332.“[T]here is no proof that HIV, even if it is assumed to be present in pregnant women, is perinatally transmitted to their offspring” 333. presently available data do not prove that HIV can be transmitted by breastfeeding 333. Babies breast-fed exclusively by “HIV-positive” mothers become “HIV-positive” less frequently than those not fed solely from the breast 334,335,336. The research about mortality and “HIV” transmission associated with breast-feeding has brought inconsistent and confusing results 337,338. large percentage of “HIV-positive” babies had “HIV”-negative mothers 339,340.

3.3.5“HIV” varies in regular fashion and independently with age, sex, race, and geography, unlike the stochastic patterns seen in infectious diseases 5,341,342 — see also section 3.4 below. median age-range for testing “HIV-positive” is 35-45 Fig. 2, p. 26 in 5, comparable to the median age-range for diagnoses of AIDS and for deaths from AIDS 343,344,345,346,347. These have remained unchanged throughout the AIDS era and are the same in almost every tested group.

3.3.6The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice has successfully defended dozens of “HIV-positive” people (52nd case in June 2013) charged with endangering others by exposing them to possible transmission of “HIV”: OMSJ forces the prosecution to acknowledge — at least implicitly by altering charges or dropping prosecutions — that positive “HIV” tests do not prove infection 348.

3.3.7Innumerable attempts to create a vaccine against “HIV” infection have all failed 349,350,351,352,353 during the nearly 3 decades since Robert Gallo in 1984 envisaged a vaccine being ready within a couple of years 354,355,356, despite continuing pronouncements of optimism and announcements of promising “breakthroughs” 357.

3.3.8Drug addicts supposedly become “HIV-positive” through re-use of infected needles, yet use of fresh new needles increases rather than decreases the incidence of “HIV-positive” tests 358,359,912. rehabilitated drug addicts can revert from “HIV-positive” to “HIV”-negative 360. was little difference in risk behaviors between HIV-negative and HIV-positive drug- injecting gay men 361. use and venereal disease but not sexual behavior were risk factors for being “HIV-positive” among gay men 362. the drugs are responsible for high rates of “HIV-positive” among drug abusers, and not infection via pre-used needles, is demonstrated by the very small probability of transmitting “HIV” via needles: 63 in 10,000 by sharing needles when injecting drugs, 23 per 10,000 by needle-stick in the skin 918.

3.3.9Medical personnel are extraordinarily unlikely to be infected by “HIV” or “AIDS” whereas they run appreciable risk with hepatitis, for example 88. An “HIV-positive” surgeon performed many open-heart surgeries without any patient becoming “HIV-positive” 364. “There is no recorded case of transmission of HIV from an infected health care worker to a patient in the UK [as of November 2006]” 365.

3.3.10Condoms do not decrease the incidence of “HIV-positive” 366,367,368.

3.3.11HIV and AIDS are almost unknown in the porn industry 369,370,371 even though chlamydia and gonorrhea infection and re-infection are common 372.

3.3.12The claimed rate of “HIV-positive” in sub-Saharan Africa can only be explained by postulating an impossible rate of promiscuity: 20-40% of adults having 10 or more sexual partners at any one time and changing them frequently pp. 63-5 in 373.

3.3.13Thus there are no demonstrated epidemics of heterosexually transmitted “HIV” 374.

3.3.14Racial disparities in prevalence of “HIV-positive” do not correlate with respective sexual behavior 375,376 and thereby seem inexplicable on HIV/AIDS theory.

3.3.15The incidence of “HIV” does not parallel the incidence of known STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis) pp. 35 & 109 in 5,377,378,893.

3.3.16Married women are more at risk for becoming “HIV-positive” than are prostitutes or widows, incongruous for any sexually transmitted disease 379,380.

3.3.17That pregnancy is a risk factor for testing “HIV-positive” (section is incongruous for any sexually transmitted disease.

3.3.18Prostitutes do not become “HIV-positive” unless they are drug addicts 12,pp. 41-2 in 20,381,382,465.

3.3.19Drug addicts tend to test “HIV-positive” to different degrees from different drugs 360.

3.4“HIV” tests are racially biased.

3.4.1In any group, black people (people of relatively recent sub-Saharan ancestry) test “HIV-positive” about 7 times (males) or 20 times (females) more often than Caucasians. Asians test “HIV-positive” about 2/3 as often as Caucasians. Native Americans and Mexicans test “HIV-positive” perhaps 10-20% more frequently than Caucasians chapters 5 & 6 & passim in 5,383,384,385. supposedly “HIV” protein p24 generates a stronger response in black people than in others 386. levels of “HIV-1 RNA” were found in Malawians than in Swiss or USA men 387. and Caucasians differ genetically with respect to the human T-cell antigen receptor 388.