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GEOENGINEERING : The way to warm and contaminate the planet

Chemtrails and vaccines have some similar health effects…

From Patent #5003186 :
“…One proposed solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude. While this method would increase the reflection of visible light incident from space, the metallic particles would trap the long wavelength blackbody radiation released from the earth. This could result in net increase in global warming…”

From Patent US20090032214A1 ” This system of the control and protection of the terrestrial climate relies mainly on civilian airlines burning (preferably price-subsidized) sun-shading (sun-blocking/sun-reflective) fuels in the high levels of the atmosphere in order to reduce the intensity of the solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface…”


Edward Teller, the father of the H-Bomb suggested the scattering of ….

… Bill Gates-funded chemical cloud could help stop global warming…

In 1962: Lyndon B. Johnson said “He Who Controls the Weather Will Control the World”


From “Scientific Critique of the IPCC’s 2013 Summary for Policymakers” :

* Global temperatures stopped rising 15 years ago despite rising levels of carbon dioxide, the invisible gas the IPCC claims is responsible for causing global warming.
* Temperatures were warmer in many parts of the world approximately 1,000 years ago, during the so-called Mediaeval Warm Period, due entirely to natural causes.
* Antarctic sea ice extent is increasing rather than shrinking.
* Climate computer models fail to reproduce the observed reduction in surface warming trend over the last 10-15 years.
* Computer models fail to represent and quantify cloud and aerosol process.
* Solar cycles may account for the pause in global air temperature.