What’s This ?

We are a group of people who were waking up to the understanding of a reality that is not the one shown in the mass media in very delicate aspects of health. We feel the need not to keep what we know and do something, what we decided to do is investigate and collect information to be stored and that is available to be consulted by those who understand that there are issues that are not openly addressed and that often hide the reality.
A perverse reality that in many ways threatens the human being and that presents a lot of resistance to be accepted by ordinary people. People who react disqualifying those who disseminate this type of information, and do so as a defense mechanism, as the only option in the face of an incomprehensible burden of human evil, a burden that is very difficult to process by people of good intentions.
There are many examples throughout history where political, economic and global control interests force to use and divert “science” to the point of threatening life on this planet.
Our site proposes to address these issues in “seasons”, in the style of the new programming and social control techniques used in streaming television.
Each season is a research field where we collect documentation of the “unofficial science” of professionals, researchers, journalists, scientists and “dissident” academics, of Nobel prizes that did not lose their integrity. Of people who place ethics and love for future generations above their future and their career. We upload official documents, videos, audios, radio interviews and declassified documents. Always checking the sources and referencing so that the reader who is willing to wake up continues on their own investigating and drawing their conclusions about the reality they tell us.

We don’t accept corporate or personal sponsorships or any kind of donations. gamzuletova.org is strictly non-commercial. We are not selling anything. We upload content to this website as a public service for those hungry for evidence-based truth.

No aceptamos patrocinios corporativos ni personales ni ningún tipo de donación. gamzuletova.org es estrictamente no comercial. No estamos vendiendo nada. Subimos contenido a este sitio web como un servicio público para aquellos que anhelan la verdad basada en la evidencia.


Endogenous :
“Found or coming from within something, for example a system or a person’s body or mind”( Cambridge Dictionary )

This term came up after the research on Season 1 , where we concluded that there was no external contagious agent responsible for a new “epidemic”

Why gamzuletova ? Because at certain times that 1% that manages the future of all of us surprises us with a move that goes beyond our understanding to accelerate their agenda, they lose control and thus allow whoever is willing to wake up to do so.


1) They change the interpretation of the antibody test in 1984 because it does not detect an exogenous agent. It detects endogenous products of illness. Does not identify cause, is not test for a virus and is not a test for antibodies of a virus. Autoantibodies.
All are positives in some % without delution of the sample, because they test for human proteins. Those proteins are more present in ill person, thats why the have more antibodies, but says nothing about the cause. It is not a test ” for the presence of a new exogenous contagious virus” at all .

2) There is no vaccine that prevent any disease, just need to look at the curves and when vaccines were implemented.

3) Vaccines promote illness, just see the outbreaks after mass vaccination campaigns.


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